Everyone has learned to manage risk during the pandemic, whether you think you have or not:

Do I visit grandma for her birthday or videochat her? Do I go to the store or have my groceries delivered? Do I attend our indoor gospel choir rehearsal today or not?

The CDC has developed a list of who may be at very high risk of severe illness from COVID-19, which includes being hospitalized, needing intensive care, requiring a ventilator to help people breathe, or death.

The CDC’s list is not comprehensive, but does include the following:

– People who do little or no physical activity

– Women who are pregnant or recently pregnant

– Being a current smoker

– Being overweight

You can modify your risk and protect yourself by lowering your individual risk if you:

– Move more

– Stop smoking

– Get vaccinated and get boosted

Grandma wants you at her next birthday, so educate and protect yourself!

Visit the cdc.gov for more information or talk to your physician about your own risk factors and how you can make an informed decision to lower your risk of COVID-19 infection.