Beware poisoning from household products

A Healthy You

Products, such as household cleaners and medications, can be poisonous and harmful to the body if too much is inhaled, consumed, injected or absorbed through the skin. Children may sometimes try to consume these items so it is important to take precautions against unintentional poisonings.

Store medications, batteries, and cleaning products out of the reach, especially since many child-resistant lids are not child proof. Read medication labels carefully and provide the appropriate dosage to children when needed.

Adults and seniors must also be sure to never mix cleaning products, as poisonous fumes may result. Never burn charcoal or use gas-powered engines indoors, and never leave a car running in an attached garage to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Store products in their original containers and be sure to install carbon monoxide alarms near every sleeping area in your home.

Lastly, go online to to check for a list of dangerous wild plants and mushrooms, and be sure to contact a poison control center in an emergency.

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