Can we ward off cognitive decline without medications?

A Healthy You

There are three key-ways to improve memory and thinking that don’t involve medication according to Dr. Hampstead, a neuropsychologist at Michigan Medicine

These are: exercise, brain training, and a new technique called neuromodulation.

Research shows that people who are more physically active have better cognitive functioning across their lifespan.

But less than 5 percent of adults are getting the recommended daily amount of exercise- 30 minutes per day.

Brain training, another helpful tool, involves simple memory tasks, like rehearsing new people’s names, playing memory games, and using mnemonics.

Finally, neuromodulation is a method that stimulates neurons in the brain using small electrical currents.

It’s still being studied and is thought to work best when combined with the two first tools.

The good news is that exercise and brain training is easily available to anyone helping to keep our cognitive abilities intact.

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