More than two years later and the pandemic is changing life as we know it.

Masking, quarantine guidelines, virus variants and vaccines have become a norm. But for many children, the pandemic has up-ended their world by taking away one of life’s most precious gifts–their caregivers.

A study published in February in ‘The Lancet’ estimates 5.2 million kids have lost a caregiver to COVID-19 worldwide.  3 out of 4 children impacted by orphanhood lost their father. And older kids were more likely to lose a parent than younger kids.

The impact of losing a parent or caregiver is different for everyone, but the CDC has outlined three priorities that can improve the lives for those experiencing loss, including:

Keeping children with their families

Fostering resilience by promoting stable relationships and addressing childhood adversity

Making programs and interventions specific to the child and the unique circumstances

If you or a loved one has been impacted by loss of a caregiver, talk to your doctor or your social worker about resources that may be available to help.