Combating mental health issues during the holidays

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It’s easier said than done, but it’s important to remember that not every family celebration has to be perfect, and sometimes memories of good times are the best things to cling to.

For many, this Thanksgiving will be the first opportunity to once again gather around the table as a complete family after the pandemic kept many apart last year. But for some, the feeling of togetherness will be underscored by a feeling of loss, remembering those who went before us and the times we shared with them.

Dr. Heather Fretwell with Eskenazi Health says this Thanksgiving, challenge yourself to remember the good times and make new, happy memories if possible.

“As we approach the holiday season I think some of the most important parts are worry about expressing love and connection and less about what a perfect or idealized holiday would be,” said Dr. Fretwell. “So many families are having a holiday without a particular loved one or sometimes more than one loved one at the table this year and it’s been a really rough time for so many in our communities.”

She continued to say if you feel continued feelings of dread, sadness or overall depression, be sure to reach out to your primary care doctor or call a community mental health physician right away.

Not every holiday celebration is created equally and sometimes it’s okay to not feel okay, but here’s hoping you and yours have a happy thanksgiving all the same.

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