Control treatable diseases to prevent incurable diseases

A Healthy You

According to the CDC, in 2014 as many as five million Americans were living with Alzheimer’s disease.

The number of people living with the disease is said to double every five years among people over age 65 and is expected to triple to nearly 14 million people by the year 2060.

A recent study published by scientists in Spain may have found a link between Alzheimer’s dementia and risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure.                                                  

Researchers found evidence of subtle brain abnormalities in people who are at increased risk for heart disease, especially in areas of the brain related to Alzheimer’s dementia.

These brain abnormalities were most closely linked to high blood pressure, a treatable condition that can be controlled with diet, exercise and prescription medications from your doctor.

This study suggests that gaining control of a treatable condition may aid in the prevention of an untreatable disease, such as Alzheimer’s dementia.

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