Politics, religion, and money.

They’re topics we are told to avoid when making polite conversation, but if you want to turn a stranger into a friend, one study suggests you talk about something more interesting than the weather.

Researchers from the American Psychological Association found people developed stronger emotional connections to those with whom they had a deep conversation, which can be any topic where you discuss personal details about your hopes, fears, or feelings.

If the thought of opening up is scary, you’ll be glad to hear the researchers also saw that people tend to overestimate how awkward a conversation with a new person will be.

Also, people tend to pick conversation topics with more emotional depth if they think their conversation partner will be interested in what they have to say.

If you want to impress a date, researchers say you should go out on a limb and pick a conversation starter that allows you to reveal something personal about yourself.

Try asking “what do you feel most grateful about in your life?”

Then respond with your answer too.

And fear not, in most cases you can bet the person you’re chatting with will be glad you did.