Whether we are celebrating, mourning or just chatting it up at a bar, drinking is part of American culture. But the one thing no one wants to talk about is alcohol’s link to cancer, particularly in women.

“We’re finding that probably anywhere between five and 10% of all cancers worldwide are due to alcohol use,” said Dr. Suneel Kamath, GI clinical oncologist at Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center.

While most of us know that alcohol is associated with depression, liver disease, even obesity, experts say its link to cancer from head and neck cancers to breast and colon cancers has flown under the radar.

“It’s something that we need to talk a lot more about.”

The CDC encourages women to have no more than one drink a day, but science shows even these casual drinkers are at risk.

“Over 100,000 cases a year worldwide are attributable to low level or casual drinking. I think that’s most surprising, because many of us really are comfortable with doing that and consider that safe.”

Doctors say the cancers most commonly associated with alcohol include liver and throat cancers. But one recent study found that women who were not at high risk for breast cancer based on family history did increase their risk of breast cancer from moderate drinking.

“One or two drinks a week probably is adding some risk and I think that’s something personal decision that I think all of us have to make.”

Experts say heavy alcohol intake in women, more than three drinks in one day or seven drinks a week, has the strongest association with breast cancer risk.

37-year-old Liz Piscatello says she’s a moderate social drinker, but she says some of her family members have voiced their concern.

“I’m a single young lady and I go out and have fun,” said Liz. “I do get judged because my Facebook is a lot of pictures of me with cocktails in my hand.”

“So I’ve heard it from many family members.”

And even as she learned more about the risks of drinking, Liz chooses the reward over the risk.

“I’m a firm believer that everything causes something, and you cannot live your life being scared. Live your life.”