Florida’s top health official recently sent a letter to the FDA and CDC that the state was seeing a rise in adverse events from COVID-19 vaccines.

That alleged rise coming from a system where anyone can report anything and none of the reports can be verified.

The heads of the agencies saying the Florida surgeon general’s claim that the COVID-19 vaccine presents a health risk was quote “incorrect”, “misleading” and “potentially harmful to the American public”.

Florida’s state health department has been under fire in recent months from the medical and scientific community due to claims made about COVID-19 vaccines.

Adults with the updated vaccine had nearly 10 times lower risk of dying than those who were unvaccinated, according to CDC data from late 2022

An estimated nearly 70% of Americans are fully vaccinated.

Experts are urging that those especially at risk for severe illness, like adults that are older or overweight should receive the updated booster shot.

Check in with your health care provider to learn more or visit vaccines.gov to find a clinic near you.