Get vaccinated if you already had COVID-19

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People who’ve had COVID-19 before may not think the vaccine will do much for them? But a new study shows that skipping the vaccine makes you twice as likely to catch the virus? Again.

Researchers at the CDC looked at the records of 738 people in Kentucky who had COVID-19 in 2020. About one third of them suffered through COVID-19 again in May or June this year.

People who were not vaccinated had double the odds of getting COVID-19 again compared to those who’ve had the infection but later got vaccinated.

Overall, 72.8% of people in the study who had COVID-19 twice were unvaccinated.

While there are many factors that raise your risk of getting covid-19, this study shows vaccines can help protect you even if you’ve had it before.

To keep yourself and loved ones safe from COVID-19, the CDC recommends you:

  • Get vaccinated
  • Wash your hands
  • Wear a mask indoors
  • Physically distance
  • Stay in areas with good ventilation
  • Stay home if you are sick

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