When decisions for returning to in-person school and in-person work hung in the balance, the answer to this question was highly coveted.

Findings from a study published in “Pediatrics” show that kids are in fact just as likely to transmit and catch COVID as adults.

Researchers looked at data from households in Tennessee and Wisconsin from 2020-2021, and found that risk of spread from one family member to another was similar between adults and kids.

However, one difference was noticeable when looking at the primary COVID case in the house

It seems that the highest risk of transmission was when the primary COVID case was in an individual older than 65, or between the ages of 5-11

And lowest when the primary COVID case was ages 12-17

This could be for a variety of reasons that need to be explored in further studies

Of note, the authors of the study did clarify that results may be different if looking at a more diverse population or more crowded households

It is evident is that more research is needed in this area. Especially as this study predated the delta and omicron variants that more recently affected the U.S.