Multiple states have now legalized recreational marijuana and surgeons are asking patients to be honest with them if they are using the drug.

Letting your doctor know if you use marijuana will help them make sure you stay asleep for the duration of the surgery. Those who use marijuana at least once a week may require more anesthesia than those that do not.

There is also an elevated risk of heart attack for those with pre-existing conditions that have used marijuana in the hour before surgery. Doctors say they sometimes need ten times the amount of certain drugs to keep patients who use the drug asleep compared to those who don’t.

Various factors are taken into account before anesthesia such as body type and body weight as well as the type of surgery being performed. Doctors also constantly measure heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure.

Be sure to have an open discussion with your physician about your drug use before entering the operating room to help make sure everything goes smoothly.