How to balance screen time when kids do so much online

A Healthy You

After over a year of virtual activities remaining a mainstay for some students, how can parents wean kids off their screens? Or should they?

There are 5 steps for parents to help children revisit their relationship with technology.

First, establish tech-free spaces in the home and make sure that devices are out of sight at these times.

Second, pick the tech habits you’d like to continue. Weekly movie night or video chat with grandma? Embrace the things that you’d like to keep.

Come up with a plan. Replace technology with activities like cooking, sports, swimming and stick to a schedule.  Make screen time predictable.

Recognize the emotional role technology has been playing in your home. Lots of kids used screen time as a calming tool, so teaching new strategies to manage worry will be essential.

Finally, remember that change won’t happen over night. It may take a couple of tries to find a healthy new balance.

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