How to handle Zoom anxiety

A Healthy You

Zoom anxiety is real. In a recent survey of 2,066 UK residents working from home, nearly 73-percent reported experiencing some type of zoom anxiety.                                            

From tech issues to trouble communicating ideas clearly, Zoom interviews can provide plenty of sources for discomfort.

Experts recommend identifying the source of your anxiety in order to best overcome it.

If you find yourself looking at an out-of-place hair on your head, simply change your camera angle or turn it off entirely.

Prolonged silence and endless eye contact can be frustrating. Use this time to jot down pressing thoughts or questions. 

At the end of the day, too much Zoom can be stressful. Remember to take a break and stretch.

Notify your supervisor if too much screen time is having a detrimental effect on your well-being or work-flow.

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