Importance of heart health at a young age

A Healthy You

Cardiometabolic diseases are the number one cause of death globally.

They include a number of related diseases, like diabetes, kidney failure, stroke and heart disease, which are mainly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some activities, like smoking, physical inactivity and a poor diet increase your chances for cardiometabolic diseases.

Experts at Boston University have found that maintaining healthy exercise and diet habits in your 40s and 50s can keep you free from these diseases in senior years.

Exercise alone was shown to lower the chances of cardiometabolic diseases by more than 50 percent, and a healthy diet was shown to lower these chances by more than 30 percent.

Together, physical activity and a nutritious diet were shown to lower these chances by more than 60 percent.

Experts recommend either 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense physical activity each week for adults.

A full description of dietary recommendations can be found online at

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