Chronic kidney disease is when your kidneys can’t filter blood and fluid in your body. If your kidneys fail, your blood has to be filtered somehow; this usually means dialysis treatments several times a week, or even a kidney transplant.                                               

Kidney failure can also lead to, or worsen heart disease. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your kidneys healthy.                                              

First, manage your glucose levels. Get your a1c levels checked.                                  

Second, get your blood pressure under control; ask your doctor what a target pressure is for you.                                              

And third, avoid certain medications that can be toxic to your kidneys.   

Otherwise, lifestyle choices can make a huge impact.                                      

If you smoke, the best thing to do is quit; you are not alone — your doctor can help with this process. Stay active and maintain a healthy weight. Try to eat foods lower in salt, and increase intake of fruits and veggies.