Long haul COVID-19 symptoms in healthcare workers

A Healthy You

Some people who survive COVID infection have symptoms that can last for weeks or months afterwards. So-called long Or long haul COVID symptoms. These can include problems with smell and taste, low energy, shortness of breath, cloudy thinking, and anxiety and depression.                                      

A Swedish study shows healthcare workers can get some of these symptoms too.                                             

1 in 10 healthcare workers who were in pretty good health and only had a mild COVID infection ended up with at least one long-term symptom. Loss of smell and taste, fatigue, and breathing problems were most common. These were rated as moderate to severe.                                                    

These long haul COVID symptoms can make it hard to work or go about your day as usual.

While there are no clear answers yet, the National Institute of Health is investing over $1 billion to study this phenomenon.

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