As temperatures and humidity levels drop in winter, according to experts from the University of Michigan, our skin becomes drier.

And this can be especially difficult for people with eczema and other skin conditions.

But dermatologists say there are ways to prevent your skin from becoming dry.

First, you can apply moisturizer to you face and body daily. Best time is after taking a shower. Dermatologists at Brigham Health explain the thicker the cream the better.

Look for helpful ingredients on the bottle like urea and ceramides.

And when you shower, try to make it shorter and avoid long, hot baths. Very hot water can dry out your skin.

Dermatologists also recommend body soaps that are easy on the skin. Look for the word “gentle” on the label.

When washing your clothes use a sensitive skin detergent.

And at home, try to use a humidifier – it not only can help reduce dryness in your skin, but also your eyes and nose.

And of course, don’t forget that even in winter you must protect your skin against the sun — make sure you apply sunscreen daily.