Make sure ultra-processed food isn’t ultra-unhealthy

A Healthy You

You grab a frozen pizza from the freezer section and check the nutrition label.

The ingredients list is filled with things you can’t pronounce.

Ultra-processed foods are cheap, convenient, and everywhere.

They have ingredients made in a lab, like high fructose corn syrup

And tend to have added sugars and saturated fats — instead of nutrients like fiber and lean protein.

A new study shows children in the U.S. are getting most of their calories from them instead of fresh foods.

Researchers at Tufts University studied the diets of over 33,000 children from 1999 to 2018.

Children now get about 67 percent of their calories from ultra-processed foods- regardless of family income or education.

Black children saw the biggest increase…but white children and Mexican-American children also saw a rise.

High consumption of ultra-processed foods is linked to obesity.

The good news is calories from sugary beverages went down by over half, suggesting public health efforts to lower soda consumption seem to make an impact.

Not all foods are the same.

So it’s important to check nutrition labels to make sure your ultra-processed food isn’t also ultra-unhealthy.

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