A diabetes diagnosis can bring big changes to any family’s routine. To help with this, the CDC has three big things parents can do to make managing diabetes easier.                           

First, learn everything about the diagnosis, including when and how they will take insulin and what type of insulin to take. When to check blood sugar, symptoms of low blood sugar and what emergency items, like snacks, to have on hand.

Second, as a child grows their body and hobbies will go through changes and diabetes is no different. The CDC recommends parents expect changes in their child’s body and to not get frustrated if treatment plans need to be frequently modified.

Third, it’s important to stay open and connected with your child as you embark on this journey together. Let your child know that diabetes is a lot to handle and that you are there to help.        

Following these steps can help reduce the stress of this new diagnosis. If your child experiences weakness, confusion or seizures, please call your local health care provider immediately.