Managing “toxic stress” in children

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Even before the pandemic, some children have had to endure toxic stress in the form of abuse, neglect, mental illness, bullying or family unit disruptions.

When combined with the stress of the pandemic, children need help more than ever.

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement on toxic stress in children, and the need for pediatricians to take a public health approach to help.

They state that negative early childhood experiences can affect development of disease and wellness and recommend that health care providers encourage families to repair strained relationships to help children deal with adversity.

They further suggest that better relationships with caregivers can help build resilience.

By partnering with families and communities, pediatricians can help children mitigate stress and adapt to challenges in their life.

If your child or family is struggling with challenges at home, talk to your pediatrician about how you can receive help.

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