Many types of memory loss can be normal

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It’s very common to worry that memory loss can be a sign of scary neurological conditions, like Alzheimer’s disease.

However, it is important to point out that many types of memory problems are normal.

A report recently updated from Harvard Health describes seven types of memory problems that are typical.                                                         

There are many factors that can affect memory, including time. We tend to forget things over time. Memory has a use-it-or-lose it quality.

Another factor can be absentmindedness, where you weren’t giving full attention and never actually stored the information.

Of course, there’s that all-too familiar feeling of having a word on the tip of your tongue you can’t quite recall. This is normal too.                                       

Then there are little errors we make when trying to remember – maybe we’re influenced by the power of suggestion. Maybe our personal experiences and beliefs influence how we remember something and maybe we incorrectly remember where we gathered information.                                       

And then there are the memories that we wish we could forget but can’t.

The key to remember is that all of these memory problems can be normal.

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