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We’ve all heard that as you age your metabolism slows down which makes it harder to keep that weight off. But a new study suggests significant slowdown may not occur until you reach 60 years old.

Researchers at Duke University along with dozens of prominent global universities teamed up for a large multi-national metabolism study looking at data from nearly 6,500 people ranging from newborns to 95-year-olds.

Prior studies have focused on the energy your body uses to rest. This study looks at the total energy your body uses throughout your life

They found that there are 4 different metabolism categories

Newborn babies up to one year old have a very high metabolism, and need lots of calories to keep up with their growing organs

Juveniles from 1-20 years old have a steadily increasing metabolism that peaks right before 20

From 20-60 metabolism drops a bit and stays relatively constant – in both men and women

And after 60, your metabolism slowly declines at 1% a year.

There is a lot more to your weight and health than metabolism, so as you age it’s still important to focus on eating nutritious food and incorporating exercise into your routine.

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