More pollen, more problems

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Sneezing, watery eyes, and scratchy throats: all signs that allergy season has begun. But if you’re noticing these symptoms earlier in the year, it’s not your imagination.

We found that in general, pollen seasons are starting quite a bit earlier. They’re starting about three weeks earlier than they did in the 1990s. And there’s more pollen in the air. So there’s about 20% more pollen in the air. Temperature was the biggest driver.

Increasing pollen levels and longer allergy seasons can have a huge impact on daily life, especially for children.

So pollen is a major driver of allergies and asthma. And a lot of respiratory problems, they tend to hit kids quite hard. So childhood asthma is a big concern. And we also see that it has all sorts of other impacts that you might not think about. So it actually affects productivity, it affects school performance. So how well kids can do in school and people can do in their jobs, which makes sense. It’s really hard to do well when you’re suffering from these things.

And these longer allergy seasons may be making you more susceptible to viruses.

And there’s even some evidence that it may actually affect viral infections that when your respiratory tract is inflamed from pollen, you may be more susceptible to common cold viruses. And a study came out recently suggesting you may be more susceptible to the Coronavirus as well.

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