Number of in-hospital COVID deaths decrease

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As COVID cases surged at the beginning of the pandemic, so did in-hospital deaths

But some good news-

The number of in-hospital deaths seems to be decreasing

One study evaluated half a million hospitalized patients in the U.S., and showed that the in-hospital mortality rate for patients with COVID decreased from 19.7% in April to 9.3% in November 2020

One thought was that this was due to a higher number of younger patients hospitalized with COVID who may be less likely to die than older patients-

However, the decrease in deaths was consistent across all age groups

Rather, this may be because we are more effectively treating COVID patients in terms of methods of ventilation, and which medications to use in hospitalized patients

The hope is that these trends continue to decrease over time, as expertise on how to treat COVID improves, and as immunity increases with vaccinations.

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