Planning healthy snacks

A Healthy You

Whether your child is heading back to the classroom or learning from home, planning for healthy snacks or packing a lunch that’s good for them can be difficult, especially during the school year.

“Eating properly affects how we feel. It affects our mood it affects our brain, so if we’re not fueling our bodies then we’re not going to be able to function properly,” says Katherine Shary, registered and licenses dietitian with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life.

She says kids should be offered three meals and two to three snacks throughout the day. Snacks should consist of two food groups.

For example: Yyogurt and a side of crackers, or hummus with veggies or pita, or a cheese stick with fruit, or a slice of bread with peanut butter and some banana on top. As for lunch, make meals healthy by making half your plate veggies or fruit.

“Bean and cheese veggie quesadillas and they taste great cold or warmed up. Turkey and cheese roll ups. Grab some tortillas, turkey and cheese and add an apple on the side. We have a well rounded meal that contains some fruit, some protein and some whole grain.”

And break yourself from a food rut by keeping it simple and fun, and just plan ahead.

“Wash and prep some berries, cucumbers, bell peppers the day before so you can add those to meals, add those to snacks throughout the day.”

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