Rapid diagnosis could prevent pain from concussions

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From lacrosse to soccer, nearly 1.8 million sport-related concussions occur in children each year in the United States.

These traumas can be caused by both direct force to the head or by a strong hit to the body.

When competitive sports are played, females are more likely to get concussed.

New research from the team physician consensus conference shows that these concussions remain challenging to diagnose but treatable when found.

Some red flag symptoms include: seizures, persistent or severe headaches, and long period of nonresponsiveness.

As for treatment?

Concussions need time.

Adults take two weeks to recover while children typically take four weeks.

This time depends on the initial severity of symptoms.

So with summer camps and sports starting back, remember to recognize those who get hit in the head and jump into action.

A rapid diagnosis can prevent weeks of pain.

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