Inter-uterine devices, or IUDs are a popular form of birth control.

It’s a safe and effective procedure, but health experts insist women should talk to their doctors about risks.

Experts from the University of Washington say women who choose to use an IUD for birth control should be aware of a very small possibility that the device could puncture their uterus. This is known as an IUD perforation.

In a study published in the Lancet, researchers looked at more than 300,000 women, and only 0.6 percent had an IUD perforation.

The risk of a perforation rose by nearly seven times if the procedure was done within four days to six weeks after giving birth. But the risk was lower in women who had the procedure one year after giving birth.

Doctors say the bottom line is that this is a very rare complication of a safe and effective procedure and that women should speak with their doctor on when it’s best to get an IUD if that is what they choose.

Also, doctors say if you notice any symptoms like pain or heavy bleeding after the procedure, call 911 immediately.