Relaxing music may improve your sleep

A Healthy You

Poor sleep can be a problem for many older adults. Common complaints include inability to fall asleep, also known as insomnia, and inability to sleep through the night.

And poor sleep doesn’t just result in being tired. It can negatively affect other parts of your life too, such as how clear you think, your physical activity, and your emotions.                                                       

But some good news? A new study showed that listening to calming music at night may improve sleep quality in adults 60 and older.                                       

Soothing music has been shown to slow down the body’s rhythm and help people relax. With most Americans carrying around a smart phone, relaxing music is likely just a click away. Making it much more accessible than other sleeping aids, like prescriptions or over the counter medications.           

This study also found that people who routinely listen to calming music at night get an even greater benefit than those who only listened occasionally.                                     

So the next time you go to sleep, throw on some soothing tunes, and make a habit of it, you might just find you sleep better.

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