Rise in mental health issues in kids

A Healthy You

Fear and concern over the coronavirus can lead to more stress for all of us, but during this pandemic, one child psychologist says he’s seeing a significant increase in mental health issues among children.

“It’s almost the perfect storm, if you will, of factors that really increase the stress.”

Ryan Madigan, a child psychologist and founder of the Boston Child Study Center, says during this pandemic he’s seeing a 40-percent rise in psychological problems in children. With school around the corner, Madigan says it’s especially important for parents to maintain a balance.

“Uncertainty breeds fear. so the more uncertainty there is for a child about what’s going on, the more anxiety is going to follow.”

Madigan says we should be vigilant about things like social distancing, masks, and handwashing, but also explain that these things are being done to keep everyone safe. Talking to your child about what they’re feeling can also help ease the worry.

“If we can embody as a culture a way of sort of listening to emotions rather than ignore, fight or dismiss them i think we’ll all be healthier in the long run.”

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