Several medical conditions linked to ADHD

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New research published in The Lancet Psychiatry shows that several medical conditions are associated with a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder also known as ADHD, a chronic condition that causes difficulties with attention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.              

This study looked at the medical records of over 4 million adults over the span of up to 40 years that were diagnosed with ADHD.

They found that people with ADHD had higher rates of nervous system problems, respiratory problems, musculoskeletal, and metabolic diseases, like diabetes.

A lot of these risk factors are thought to be related to genetics, as most siblings and half siblings of people with ADHD also had similar medical conditions. 

It did not however explain the increases in nervous system disorders, like seizures disorder, Parkinson’s, dementia and other conditions like heart disease.                                         

While ADHD may be associated with these medical conditions, this does not mean it is the cause of these diseases.                                

People with ADHD should talk to their doctor about their general health risks, and stay up to date on their general health screenings.

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