Staying healthy during the holidays

A Healthy You

Gravy, ham, and warm holiday drinks may help bring in the season, but these foods can increase the chances heart attack, stroke, or even death.

The experts at the American Heart Association have a few suggestions to keep your heart happy this Thanksgiving.

They recommend limiting portion sizes to help limit weight gain keeping those salty treats to a minimum engorging on fruits and vegetables and choosing whole grain breads.

Crave meat? Avoid the red, stick with the lean. Poultry, fish, and even tofu are great, heart healthy sources of protein.

When buying ingredients make sure they are unprocessed and not filled with preservatives.

Also sauté those vegetables in olive and other plant based oils instead of butter or coconut oil.

When you are thirsty, avoid the soda and sugary drinks and keep any alcohol intake to one glass a day.

Overall, the experts suggest keeping to these guidelines whether eating in or enjoying a family night out.

If experiencing symptoms such as intense chest pain, sudden shortness of breath or an overwhelming sense of doom, contact a health professional immediately.

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