Steps to prevent mosquito bites

A Healthy You

An evening dinner out on the patio can be fun, but unfortunately mosquitoes are often your uninvited guests.

Fortunately, the CDC has some things you can do to limit the biting.

Spray some EPA-registered repellents to save your skin and save the earth.

Commonly approved ingredients include deet, or organic options like lemon eucalyptus oil.

Make sure you keep the spray out of your nose, mouth, or cuts and irritated areas.

If you’re also using sunscreen, apply the sunscreen first and then spray the repellent.

When you’re out and about with children, cover their strollers with a mosquito netting.

Family members of all ages can wear long sleeves and pants to minimize exposed areas.

Don’t put on clothing over repellent spray.

Finally, repair holes in screens at home, and toss out any water that’s collected in buckets, planters, or play areas.

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