Study digs deeper into effectiveness of vaccines

A Healthy You

How protected are you after you get the vaccine? Should I still limit my interactions with people, wear my mask and social distance?

A new study from UCLA and UCSD looked at healthcare workers getting the vaccine and saw just how rare it was to still get infected. Less than 1 percent of the over 36,000 healthcare workers studied got the infection

Not a single vaccinated health care worker who contracted COVID-19 had to be hospitalized or died. Those who did get sick had milder symptoms compared with the unvaccinated.

Of note, the study was carried out during a surge of new cases in California, which makes the results that much more impressive

The doctors authoring this study says this confirms that vaccines are highly effective at preventing COVID-19, but also say it serves as a reminder that vaccines are not 100 percent effective. Public health measures like masking and distancing need to stay in effect.

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