Understanding epilepsy and seizures

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Odds are you may know someone who has epilepsy, a brain disorder that causes repeated seizurues, with about 3 million adults and hundreds of thousands of children with the disorder in the U.S.

The CDC offers important facts to keep us informed on the medical condition.

The first thing to keep in mind is that not all seizures look the same. The most common types of seizures involve an individual being confused, staring into space, making unusual movements, or being unable to talk or answer questions.

If you witness someone having a seizure, help support them by staying with them until the seizure is over, ensuring a safe surrounding, and comforting them after the event.

Most people with epilepsy live their lives like people without the condition, though they may require medicine or other therapy to help. Doctors may not always know the cause of epilepsy, but sometimes risk factors like trauma or infections can be prevented.

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