Vaccinations cause concern for indoor events

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Super-spreader events are not a thing of the past, just yet.                                                           

Crowded mall shops, indoor hockey games, and even birthday parties hold the risk of spreading COVID-19.                                                           

According to the Yale School of Public Health, poor air circulation in indoor facilities like indoor sports arenas may encourage the spread of airborne coronaviruses.                                                             

High aerobic activity like indoor skating increases the rate of breathing, which could also spread infectious aerosols if people with COVID-19 are skating.

There is also an elevated risk of transmitting COVID-19 by breathing in airborne contaminants lingering above the ice.                                                                 

The CDC recommends breathing in fresh outdoor air when possible, using fans to increase the effectiveness of open windows and doors, reducing the number of people in smaller areas, and checking home filters to ensure they are within their service life and properly installed. 

These measures will help to improve overall ventilation and minimize the spread of viruses.

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