Vaccine immunity stronger than natural immunity

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A new study is boosting confidence in the strength of COVID-19 vaccines.

The CDC report finding vaccines are five and half times more effective

In preventing infections than natural immunity picked up from a previous infection.

“I think what this study is showing us is that vaccine acquired immunity is superior.”

Marin County Public Health Officer Dr. Matt Willis says people who are protected through the vaccine get sick less frequently and contracting severe illness is rare.

For non-vaccinated people who have already been infected with COVID-19 and are convinced they have anti-bodies should understand that the amount and quality of those anti-bodies is hard to measure.

Dr. Willis argues gaining immunity through the vaccine has been proven to work through clinical trials.

“When you’re infected you don’t know how much you’re getting. You don’t know what the dose is. What your body’s immunity system might be at that particular time and so we find people that have been infected and some have no antibodies, some have high levels of antibodies and there’s a lot more variability there so it’s less reliable as a way of acquiring immunity.”

Other studies have also shown that there’s the potential for even stronger protection for people who have been infected and vaccinated.

Dr. Willis says the risk of not being vaccinated is not worth it.

“There’s really no comparison. Those of us that have been infected should get vaccinated and people who have not been infected yet or are fortunate enough to not have been infected yet should also get the vaccine because it’s going to protect you much more than a history of infection.”

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