When to use antibiotics to fight infection

A Healthy You

Since the invention of penicillin almost a hundred years ago, antibiotics have saved countless lives.

They fight off life threatening infections like pneumonia and sepsis.

But overuse of antibiotics could lead to superbugs that are resistant to these drugs. Because of that, doctors use them only when absolutely necessary.

New studies from the CDC show that antibiotic prescriptions by doctors’ offices dropped by a third during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They also found antibiotic use in nursing homes went down considerably.

Researchers think there may be several explanations for this.

First, they think social distancing and quarantining limited the spread of diseases that might need antibiotics.

They also think decreased doctor office visits during the pandemic led to less prescriptions for those drugs overall.

And antibiotics don’t help treat COVID, except in very rare cases.

You should only take these drugs if they are prescribed by a doctor.m

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