Why some people end up hospitalized with COVID and others do not

A Healthy You

Many people are wondering why some people get through a COVID-19 infection with just the sniffles, while others end up in hospital or on the ventilator?

A recent study showed that diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart failure together contributed to approximately two-thirds of COVID hospitalizations in the U.S. In other words, these common conditions make you more likely to end up in hospital.                                                             

Nearly half of all adult Americans have hypertension, while 42-percent of the population is obese and 10-percent have diabetes. This may partly explain our grim death toll of over 550,000.                                                                          

Of course, having one of these conditions does not mean you will have the severe disease if you get COVID, and vice versa, since there are other factors at play. What it does tell us is that looking after your body and addressing underlying health conditions is more important now than ever.

Chances are that you or your loved ones has one of these conditions, which is why you should continue to socially distance, mask up and get your vaccine as soon as it is offered to you!

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