Daybreak Team Experiences 2019 Bar-B-Q Festival


The 41st International Bar-B-Q Festival filled downtown Owensboro with thousands upon thousands of people during the second Saturday of May. 

The Eyewitness News Daybreak team couldn’t resist the sight and smells of all the food at the event. Ron Rhodes, Joe Bird, and Jake Boswell joined the large crowds for some fun.

Ron and Jake are Owensboro natives, so they know a thing or two about the festival. Joe Bird was at the festival for the first time, enjoying some mutton and burgoo.

Several people shared details on southern slang you may here if you visit the festival. A few of the church and backyard cooking teams gave the team the rundown on how they make their Bar-B-Q. The highlight fo the day may have been the 12 and under pie eating contest on the Ohio River.


Ron: We are hanging out here at the barbecue festival, downtown Owensboro, lovin’ life. Jake, Joe. Joe, are  you really getting geared up for some Tasty Tuesdays out here?

Joe: Yes, this is my first time ever at the BBQ festival.

Ron: Is it really?

Joe: Yes, I’ve never come down here for it.

Ron: Oh man are you in for a treat! This is going to be awesome. So, Jake, you’ve been to a few BBQ festivals.

Jake: A few BBQ festivals and we’re trying to make this one the best one yet. We’re walking around, trying out some of the food and meeting up with a few people, both from town and maybe a few out-of-towners today too.

Ron: Absolutely and of course we have these great cooking teams, it smells wonderful down here. Can’t wait to get to the burgoo kettles!

Jake: Alright, let’s go!

Joe: How’s your burgoo?

It’s good! It’s gonna be the best this year!

Joe: Alright, southern slang, you pretty good with southern slang?

Well, I don’t know, you could try me, man.

Ron: If I’m saying ‘bless your heart’, I wouldn’t be saying ‘bless your heart, you’ve got a hurt arm.’ Isn’t it really when you’re about to insult somebody?

It really, it’s true. That’s true.

Ron: Bless your heart, that is the ugliest hat I’ve ever seen.

Jee, thanks.

Jake: Ladies, I need you to pronounce this word for me. What would you say if I told you it was pronounced ‘wash’.

You’re wrong, you’re wrong.

Jake: You guys are adding an R.

We’re washing our clothes, washing the car, washing the kids?

Ron: This one right here, what is that?


Ron: So, somebody is piddlin’, what are they actually doing?

Wasting time.

Ron: And how many people out here for the Lourdes cooking team are piddlin’?

None of them!

Joe: Say that word for me.

I’m gonna say plumb.

Joe: Alright, what’s that mean?

Well, I don’t know.

Joe: Where are you from?

Well, I’m from here in Daviess County!

Joe: And you don’t know what the word plumb means, that’s plumb ridiculous.

Well, that’s what came to mind was ‘plumb ignorant’.

Jake: Do you guys know what ‘Fit to be Tied’ means?

Yes, when my husband leaves the top off the toothpaste. Makes her madder than heck.

Joe: All ya’ll. You know what that means?


Joe: All ya’ll having a good time today?

Yeah, we are.

Jake: How do you say this?

I say oil.

Ron: What would you say the definition of fixin’ is?

I’m either fixin’ to hurt yah.

Ron: Wow, I didn’t see that one comin’!

Or I’m fixin’ to cook yah something.

Joe: Alright, thank’s buddy.

The main thing is that you want a good chicken, so you get that chicken and you get it on the screen and put on a nice, hickory smoked fire and then from there, just make sure you add the salt and pepper. The secret is the dip and we have some very good dips.

I asked him a couple of days before he died “what do you want us to do to continue your legacy?”. He said, “keep cookin!”

Ron: On your mark! Get set! Start eating those pies! I’m not even gonna ask her her name, because she’s too busy working on that pie right now. The defending champ, defends his crown!!

Cheers to the 41st year of the international BBQ festival.

Ron: So good, so good! Award winning right there!

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(This story was originally published on May 14, 2019)

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