It’s a bakery, diner, café and Boba shop all in one – and you can check it out right here in Evansville.

Known for their pastries, Bobbacinos has a variety of baked goods like a sweet peach scone, red velvet scone, cranberry white chocolate muffin, and Bobby’s peanut butter cookie. One of their newer items is an apple tart. All their jams and jellies are also made from scratch.

Bobaccinos also has vegetarian dishes, like “The Eyes of Felina.” It’s soy, chorizo, scrambled eggs, pepper, and provolone on a biscuit. Their biscuits are fresh every day; you’ll never get a biscuit baked the day before.

The most popular dish for the meat-eaters is the “Ms Jackson.” It’s sausage, bacon, shredded sharp white cheddar and house made gravy.

You might be curious about their Bobas – after all, isn’t ‘Boba’ in the name? Well, THE Bobacinno is a horchata frappe made with cold brew coffee base in place of the cold water, with coffee-popping Boba.

Bobaccinos Cafe is located at 3848 N First Ave in Evansville. They’re open Tuesday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Sundays until 5 p.m.