Joe is trying out the grub at a food truck called Random Fill-ups, named after its owner, Random Phillips. First up, Joe tries a random burger, which is a 6 lb burger patty, 90% lean hamburger. It comes with random sauce, pickle, onion and swiss cheese on a Hawaiian bun. He also tries brisket fries.

Random Phillips says while he did go to culinary school, most of what he knows about cooking he learned while growing up in Mississippi.

Next up Joe tries a Chicago-style smoked sausage. What makes it Chicago-style are the toppings. It’s topped with peppers, onions, and pickle. Then he tries the Mississippi catfish sandwich, made with Random Fill-Ups special seasoning. Joe also tries their hand-breaded chicken nuggets.

Joe also tries their hand-breaded chicken sandwich, which comes with swiss cheese, random sauce, and pickle. And he also tries their pulled pork fries, seasoned with random seasoning, topped with homemade barbecue sauce, ranch and cheese. And for dessert, the butterfinger cheesecake and white chocolate strawberry crunch cheesecake.