Indiana Teacher of the Year visits UE to promote STEM


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The Indiana Department of Education announced its 2019 teacher of the year award.

Today the recipient made her way to Evansville to speak with local students about the realities of an educator.

Lawrence Township STEM educator and 2019 recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award Tamara Markey made an appearance at the University of Evansville today to speak with high schoolers and college students interested in STEM.

“It was amazing. She really taught us a lot.”

Students pursuing a degree in education like Emily Duckworth say they were excited to gain insight on their future career.

“My degree is actually elementary education so I am going into the field so it was really cool to get to hear from like such a high up person in my own field.”

During the presentation, Markey touched on some of the harsh realities in the field.

“It’s truly a work of the heart, it’s our passion and even in spite of the struggles not necessarily having classrooms with adequate supplies or resources. Dealing with childhood trauma each and every day with our students as we try to instill learning and 21st-century skills we have to remember we are molding our future.”

Markey also discussed the declining numbers in teachers throughout the state and the lack of pay that has sparked multiple teacher protests throughout the country.

“I wish that we were compensated better, we should be, but that is something that has been a political struggle throughout the year.”
However, even with the multiple downsides of pursuing a career in education, students say they are undeterred.

“It’s a little bit concerning. But I feel like it’s going to go back up cause every field kind of has its highs and lows but it’s not really something I’m concerned about because it’s something that I love to do so I’m not really worried about how much I’ll be paid and how much I’ll have to work with.”

Markey says she plans to advocate for more girls to get involved with STEM.
She currently has a girls in technology program at two Lawrence Township middle schools.

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