Our service men and women are proudly serving all over the world. 

During the Holidays, many are stationed in other countries away from home. 

Would you like to hear from them during the holidays? We’d love to honor their service and show their holiday greeting on air!

Have your loved one upload their Military Greetings today! See below for details on how your service man or woman can submit their Holiday Greetings and we will feature them this holiday season. 

Thanks to all our tristate military families for your service! 

  1. Find a patriotic or festive background to shoot the video against
  2. Hold your phone horizontally or landscape to record
  3. Make sure your phone video resolution is set to a medium to high setting
  4. Keep your message to :10 or under
  5. Upload your video greeting
  6. Please include first and last name, rank, hometown and where you are stationed

Sample Military Greeting script:
“My name is (name/rank/branch/where stationed). I’d like to wish all my friends and family in (hometown) a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Submit Your Photos or Video

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