Dozens of Indiana Laws Become Effective This Week

Indiana (WEHT) – Dozens of new laws approved during Indiana’s General Assembly this year will take effect in the Hoosier State as soon as this week.  Many will barely be noticed by the public, while others are still months away from being effective.

Beginning Tuesday guns will be allowed in school parking lots. This law only applies to legal gun owners and requires firearms to be locked in cars and out of sight. Students are not allowed to keep guns on school grounds unless, they’re a member of a gun club and have permission from the school.

Beer and alcohol will be legal for sale at the Indiana State Fair. The new law lifts a 60-year-old ban. Alcohol will be sold in areas designated for ages 21 and up.

Veterans will have more support from the state as they seek new careers. The program called “Second Service” would give veterans scholarships and college credit for their military training to help earn an education degree from Indiana’s universities.

Other laws taking effect next week will make it illegal for anyone under 16 to use tanning beds, require new concussion training for high school football coaches and make it illegal to provide a gun to a known felon.

Indiana state lawmakers are set to return for their 2015 session in January.

Report by Fadia Patterson

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