HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – As kitten season continues, so does the severe overcrowding problem at many shelters and New Hope Animal Rescue is no different.

According to a Facebook post, things went from bad to worse when someone dumped more kittens at their doorstep. They opened their front door to find 16 kittens crammed into a little pink carrier.

“There’s some that are about five months old, four and a half, five months old. The others are eight or nine weeks old,” says New Hope employee, Paula Hawkins. None of them were teeny newborn kittens, that’s why were so amazed that they crammed 16 of em into one little bitty kennel. Had not we came in this early, had my volunteer not come in this early or something would have happened, I mean here they would have been for no telling how long.”

Officials say there was no note or phone call, ” No one big enough to step forward and take responsibility of their actions.” The rescue is way over their limit of animals they can safely take which includes a waiting list of kittens who were waiting to be surrendered.

Reports say the 16 kittens dumped will be well cared for and get everything they need. The post asks those those have been waiting to surrender cats and kittens to be patient with them as the additional cats will keep them tied up for a bit.

In the meantime, the shelter could use all the help they can get. Officials ask that people donate what they can to the shelter whether that may be supplies, money or time. Cat food, both dry and wet as well as cat litter, is greatly needed by the shelter. Additionally they have an Amazon Wishlist with other supplies needed. They are also asking for morning volunteers to help with the extra work. Anyone interested in volunteering can call Paula at (270)-724-1385.