CHICAGO — A 17-year-old boy has been charged with 11 counts of armed vehicular hijacking, including nine in the same day.

Police said the boy, whose name was not given due to being a minor, was arrested by members of CPD’s carjacking task force Tuesday in the 6500 block of Rockwell.

He is one suspect who is accused of taking multiple vehicles with a firearm in the last few weeks throughout various areas on the South Side. Police did not say how many others are wanted in the group.

The 17-year-old is connected to the following armed carjackings. Nine of which took place on Aug. 20 and eight women were victims, per Chicago police.

  • Aug. 18 – 6600 block of S. Albany Ave.; 35-year-old female victim
  • Aug. 20 – 6700 block of S. Washtenaw Ave.; 33-year-old female victim
  • Aug. 20 – 8000 block of S. Campbell Ave.; 33-year-old female victim  
  • Aug. 20 – 3400 block of W. 72nd St.; 58-year-old male victim  
  • Aug. 20 – 2900 block of S. Union Ave.; 21-year-old female victim  
  • Aug. 20 – 6500 block of S. Kedzie Ave.; 50-year-old male victim  
  • Aug. 20 – 5600 block of S. Albany Ave.; 26-year-old male victim  
  • Aug. 20 – 5700 block of S. Richmond St.; 45-year-old female victim  
  • Aug. 20 – 8400 block of S. Sangamon St.; 40-year-old female victim  
  • Aug. 20 – 6600 block of S. Artesian Ave.; 66-year-old female victim  
  • Aug. 30 – 8700 block of S. Vincennes Ave.; 49-year-old female victim

The boy was also charged with two counts of criminal damage to government property.