25 of the 68 Dogs Taken from a Vangerburgh County Property Need Homes


A local no-kill dog rescue, It Takes A Village Canine Rescue, announces its need for help with 25 dogs taken from a Vanderburgh Country property.

 The Sheriff’s Department went to the property on Tuesday to speak with the person in question, who was not home. The Sheriff’s Department then secured a warrant to search the property and seize all 68 dogs.

ITV was there to help in the removal and placement of the dogs.  ITV was the first rescue on scene, working with the sheriff’s department and animal control for over seven hours at the property.

 The guardian of the dogs arrived at the property during the removal and worked with ITV and animal control to legally surrender more than 40 dogs to ITV.

All 68 dogs were transported to three locations including Evansville Animal Control, ITV and VHS.  After ensuring all dogs were removed, ITV was the last rescue to leave the scene.

 Many of the dogs need extensive medical treatment. ITV is requesting fosters and monetary donations for the care of the dogs.

“Logistically, it is a nightmare to properly place 68 dogs in an emergency situation. It was exhausting to methodically process 68 dogs on the property, but because of the efforts of trained investigators, including Director Webster, ACO Yarde and Detective Elrod, an excellent case file, including hundreds of photos, will be turned over to the prosecutor’s office for review,” said ITV President and Attorney Susan Odoyo.

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