The 2nd Annual Tri-State Alliance Owensboro Pride Picnic was held this afternoon at Panther Creek Park. Even though some states are not abiding by the Supreme Court’s ruling, it didn’t stop this celebration.

Rachel and Stephanie Decker have been together for 10 years. The day Indiana accepted same-sex marriage, they rushed to Perry County to start a new chapter. That was 1 year ago from Friday, a day the world changed. Same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide.

“I think we still have some work to do. People can still be fired based on their sexual orientation and gender identity and our youth is still harassed in schools. So we still have work to do, but Friday was a major victory and a major step forward not just for the nation, but for our entire region,” said Tri-State Alliance President Wally Paynter.

Today, that victory was celebrated at the 2nd Annual Tri-State Alliance Owensboro Pride Picnic. Family and friends gathered together for a day of fun. From food to games, there was something to do for everyone. The smiles you see come from the Supreme Court’s ruling Friday.

“It now makes the word ‘gay marriage’ obsolete, it’s just marriage,” said Paynter.

But not every state has accepted the ruling. States like Texas and Louisiana are hoping the ruling may be challenged.

“Once rights have been given it’s going to be more difficult and more upsetting for people to take those rights back,” said Paynter.

“Justice will win out and those people will get married. This is inevitable, this is progress, and this is America and it’s about time we realize that it’s 2015,” said Stephanie Decker.

An amendment may be proposed by congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the house and senate. Or, a constitutional convention can be called by a two thirds vote by the 50 states.

“I’m pretty sure the court will not be changing its mind in the next 3 weeks,” said Paynter.

A fight that won’t bring down the Deckers.

“People are still going to try and throw their hands up and be like ‘this isn’t going to happen and we’re going to fight this and were going to appeal this again’ and that’s their right and more power to them. But they’re not going to win, love is going to win,” said Rachel Decker. 

This was the last pride celebration held by Tri-State Alliance for the month of June.