4-year-old painter proves the world is her canvas


EVANSVILLE, In (WEHT) — An Owensboro 4-year-old is already making a name for herself as an artist, and her paintings sell at pop-ups and markets in the Tri-State.

She even paints requests!

As anyone who meets her will tell you, there is something very special about this fearless little girl.

On Friday, she painted for an audience at First Friday in Evansville.

“I’m gonna need some colors over here,” she says as she leans into her first painting of the night.

At 4-years-old, her art already has value on the market.

“This one dark blue goes right here, and this one goes right here.”

With a flick of her tools, Minh paints perfect pineapples and brilliant beachscapes.

“Ooooh that looks pretty!”

She is skilled on canvas … but we haven’t shown you the full picture.

“I paint with two feet. […] I’m missing a bone in my legs,” she explains.

Minh was born in Vietnam, without that bone in her legs and without arms. Her family, the Bests, knew that once they saw her online, that she was their daughter.

“I got an email one day from Rainbow Kids which is an organization that has a waiting list of special needs childrenm,” says Minh’s mom Sarah. “The fact that she doesn’t have arms didn’t really bother us.”

And it hasn’t stopped this little girl with the big personality.

“I think you said blue in there,” Sarah says to Minh as she paints.

“I did.”

“OK, I’m going,” says Sarah as she squeezes paints out for Minh. “I’m going fast.”

“I’ll tell you what colors, okay??

Minh is self-assured …and meticulous.

“I was going to the bottom first then the top.”

Her talent draws crowds to watch her works of art take shape. People can make requests and then purchase the paintings she creates for them.

Sarah says they started selling the paintngs to pay for Minh’s way to Camp “No Limits,” which is for children limb loss. She wants Minh to meet children just like her.

You can find her work on Facebook at “Meeting Minh.”

For aspiring artists, she has one piece of advice:

“They just follow me!”

Because if you do the whole world will be your canvas.

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(This story was originally published on August 2, 2019)

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